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Introducing Akidemics Club, a Hybrid Childcare/ Group Tutoring Offering for Working Parents.

As part of our continued effort to adapt to COVID and best serve our community, Maggie's Place Learning Centers has created Akidemics Club- a hybrid childcare/ group tutoring program at our Idaho Falls Learning Center. Our aim for Akidemics Club is to offer parents flexibility in childcare and and continuity in education. As a dual childcare/ group tutoring option, students can attend on virtual learning days for schoolwork help, after kindergarten, after elementary school, or any day of the week that school is closed. We feel this option offers flexibility while focusing on helping students complete their schoolwork, and provides essential childcare for those working families who need it. As a 1-5 day option, and billed weekly, Akidemics Club has filled to capacity in its first two weeks. We hope to see this program support success for our students for the 2020-21 school year as we all work together to make the best of this difficult situation.

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