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Maggie's Place Learning Center
Maggie's Place OnSite

After-School Childcare

Summer Day Camps

Maggie's Place Tutoring Centers
K-12 Academic Tutoring

English Language Arts,
SAT/ACT Test Prep

Having my child attend Maggie's Place OnSite program brings me comfort while I'm at work. I know the staff will keep him happy, healthy and safe until I'm able to get him.


Maggie's Place OnSite Parent

I love working at Maggie's Place! It honestly feels like family and I love the processes in place for tutoring students. The students feel important and it helps them improve drastically on the subject they're being tutored for. 


Maggie's Place Learning Center Tutor

I love working at Maggie's Place because it's so rewarding watching the kids grow throughout the year and even the week you're with them! I love getting to play with them everyday and being a part of their life! It's the best job I've ever had!

Lizzy H.

Maggie's Place Program Manager

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